Agnes Chretien, M.S.W.

Agnes Chretien is a 33 year veteran on the RI Department of Human Services where prior to retirement she assisted families who were receiving financial assistance including medical assistance and food stamps. In this setting, Agnes saw how poverty impacted families and the difficulties they faced in just attempting to feed, clothe and provide housing for themselves and their children. As a result, Agnes has made a personal commitment to help ease these concerns and has spent many years volunteering with social service agencies to provide resources to the needy.

She currently serves as chairperson of the St. Pius V Church Outreach Committee. The committee has a long standing relationship of over 25 years with Capital City. The church family has collected food for the Cap City food pantry, and has adopted seniors at holiday time. Agnes is also involved with the church’s soup ministry which has made soup for the homeless every Saturday since 1996.  Agnes holds a Masters of Social Work degree from Rhode Island College.